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EASYHORSE.CH® ONLINE SHOPPING GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS.® is happy to offer you a large assortiment of products which include GPA helemts, automatic easyhorse® Hay feeder, MY8 equipment, saddles by Gaston Mercier, natural products for horses from Horsessential. 


The easyhorse® hay feeder is a unique programmable feeder designed to dispense flake hay from one to six times a day. Both you and your horse can now benefit from a regular, frequent feeding schedule made easy with your new easyhorse® Hay feeder. Neither easyhorse® manufacturers or distributors, nor anyone associated with® in any way, either by implication or expression, intends for these Hay feeder to take the place of human caretakers of any animal. Our desire is to assist in their health, welfare, and ease of care. We strongly discourage leaving animals alone or unattended for extended periods of time for any reason.


To order online, just select any items that you wish to buy and add them to the shopping cart by clicking on the “shopping cart” icon. You may check the contents of your shopping cart at any time by clicking on “shopping cart” in the navigation menu and delete any unwanted item, modify the quantities for each item ordered.
After you have finished shopping, go to the shopping cart page and, provided you are happy with the contents of your cart, click on “check out” (please note that you must confirm that you have read our general terms and conditions and that you accept them by checking the relevant box prior to clicking on “check out”). 
If you are a new customer, you will then be asked for a few details such as your email address, name, phone number, postal address, etc. If you are an existing customer, you will be able to retrieve your contact details by entering your email address and password. Once you have confirmed your contact details, a summary of your order will be displayed. If correct, press “confirm”. If not, go back to the shopping cart page or personal information page and amend as necessary.
Once you have confirmed your order, you will be directed to our secure payment page, where you will be able to make your payment via Postfinance. You have the possibility too to make a bank transfer.
Once your payment has been authorised, the following message will appear on your screen “Thank you ! Your payment has been authorized. Your order has been registered and will be shipped as soon as possible. 
Your order will be shipped as soon as possible when the payment has been done.
If you have any question regarding your order, please contact us at and quote the following reference number”. You will also receive a confirmation of your order by email.


Prices are given in CHF und euros. Prices shown are excluding VAT. The price including VAT are calculated in the shopping cart. For the euros prices, you won't have the VAT in the shopping cart but you have to provide for the payment of import VAT of your country when you receive your order. In all circumstances, the customer will remain liable for any custom duties or charges that may be due.
Prices may vary from time to time without notice. Prices shown on the website at any given time will apply to any online order made at such time.


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Bank transfer to :

Postfinance :Swiss

Easyhorse S.A.
route de la Roserette 11
1063 Peyres-Possens
ccp: 12-590031-2

Foreign countries, CHF account

IBAN CH87 0900 0000 1259 0031 2
Code BIC: POFICHBEXXX, Swiss Post, Postfinance, CH - 3030 Bern

Foreign countries, Euro account:

Account: 91-874445-0 EUR
IBAN: CH39 0900 0000 9187 4445 0
Code BIC: POFICHBEXXX, Swiss Post, Postfinance, CH - 3030 Bern
euroSic No de clearing: 9000

By invoice:

With the payment slip sent with the invoice, when approved in writing by®, only in Switzerland.
Currencies accepted: only CHF or Euros


Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 7 below, risk of damage to or loss of the goods shall pass to the customer upon dispatch. Unless specifically provided otherwise in writing by®, transportation will be made at the risk and at the expense of the customer. Transported goods will not be insured, unless specifically requested and paid for by the customer. In such event, any insurance costs will be added to the invoice total.® cannot guarantee a given delivery date or guarantee that goods will be available for delivery. If any goods ordered are unavailable,® will notify as soon as reasonably practicable the relevant customer and inform him of the earliest possible date of dispatch. Such customer will be entitled to cancel the relevant order in whole or in part. No cancellation will be accepted once goods have been dispatched but goods may nevertheless be returned as described in paragraph 5 below.


Shipping charges will be calculated when the order is confirmed on
For the Hay Feeder, the shipping charges will be calculated according to the number of machines. The cost information will be sent by e-mail. The customer can contact another shipping company.
Depending on the ordered quantity, the hay feeder can be delivered by post within Switzerland.
In all circumstances, the customer will remain liable for any custom duties or charges that may be due.


Unless specifically provided otherwise, all goods ordered online (except the hay feeder and the saddle custom made) may benefit from our Money-Back Guarantee. This means that customers may cancel any purchase of goods within 7 working days of receiving such goods, by giving written notice of their decision by letter, fax or e-mail. Unless goods are defective or have been sent by error, any return postage will be mady at the sole expense of the customer. Provided that the goods are returned in their original state and in their original packaging,® will refund the sales price (exclusive of shipping and handling costs) as soon as reasonably practicable following receipt of the returned goods and in any case within a maximum period of 30 days. The Money-Back Guarantee shall not apply to damaged goods or goods that have been altered in any way compared to their original state, deemded perfect and new. The Money-Back Guarantee shall also not apply when goods have been purchased pursuant to a special offer or special promotional sale.
Returned goods should be suitably packed and labelled and should be sent to the following address:, Bechaalany
Route de la Roserette 11
1063 Peyres-Possens
Customers should retain a proof of dispatch and are advised that® will not provide any compensation in the event of any loss or damage during return transit.


Ordering online is the safest and most efficient way of ordering. However, customers wishing to order by fax may do so at the following number:
- Fax: + 41 21 312 67 73
- e-mail:
By post: Easyhorse S.A., route de la Roserette 11, 1063 Peyres-Possens, Switzerland.
By phone: + 41 79 658 38 39


All goods will remain property of® until full payment thereof. Customers are not entitled to resell to any third party, pledge or charge by way of security, any goods that have not been fully paid for.

8. PRIVACY POLICY: Data protection

To offer the best possible service to its customers,® will retain the address and contact details of each customer placing an order online. It is the policy of® not to disclose customers’ information to third parties, unless agreed by the customer.

8.1 . General 

When entering and processing personal data, Easyhorse S.A. ensures compliance with applicable legislation, in particular data protection legislation. It protects customer data by taking the appropriate measures and treating it with confidentiality. 

It collects, processes, and stores personal data only to the extent that is necessary to manage orders, customer inquiries, operational and infrastructure security, billing, and customer follow-up, including the guarantee of high-quality service. 

8.1.1 Market Research, Customer Consultancy, and Marketing 

To enable Easyhorse to develop a market-ready offer, the customer agrees to enter and use their personal information for market research (i.e. customer satisfaction surveys) and consulting. 

The customer agrees that Easyhorse will register and use their personal data for advertising purposes. 

The customer can, at any time and without justification, prohibit Easyhorse to use their personal data, provided that such use is not necessary for the provision of the service. 

Personal data may be transferred to third parties who are not subcontractors as far as the law permits or after obtaining the prior consent of the customer and in the context of the aforementioned uses. 

8.1.2 Customer Rights 

The customer has the right to request to be informed about the processing of their personal data and require the rectification, deletion, or destruction of said data. They may prohibit the processing of their data and communication to third parties, as long as the data concerned is not essential to the provision of the service it requires (i.e. transmission of contact details to the company UFO, producer of GPA helmets, for direct shipping to the customer). The customer may at any time revoke the explicit consent previously granted to the processing of their data. This does not affect the legality of the data processing performed during the period for which valid consent had been granted. If it is not possible to establish the accuracy or inaccuracy of the data, the customer may require that mention be made of their dispute. 

The legal requirements that bind or authorize Easyhorse S.A. to process or publish data remain reserved. If the law forbids the deletion of data, the latter will only be blocked and not deleted. 

To assert their rights, the customer must send a written request to: Easyhorse S.A., route de la Roserette 11, 1063 Peyres-Possens. E-mails are not encrypted and are therefore exposed to the typical security risks for this means of communication. 

8.1.3 Use of Third Parties (Subcontractors) 

The customer agrees that Easyhorse will use third parties to provide the service and provide the data required for this purpose. The subcontractor is subject to the same obligations as Easyhorse S.A. itself in terms of data protection and is not authorized to process data for personal purposes and without a mandate and instructions from Easyhorse S.A., otherwise subject to legal provisions. Easyhorse S.A. is required to carefully select, instruct, and verify the service providers. 


Complaints about our services or the quality of our products may be made in writing, by fax or by telephone at the following address:
Easyhorse S.A.
Route de la Roserette 11
1063 Peyres-Possens
Fax : +41 21 312 67 73
Tel : + 41 79 658 38 39
E-mail :



Regarding the helmets that you are sending back in our workshop to the department “After-Sales Service”.
In accordance with safety standard article for riding helmets CE EN-1384 ( and the indication ine the GPA notice)
EN-1384 : Article 7.2 § C 
"Helmets are conceived to absorb part of the shock synergy, with an eventual partial destruction of the outer shell , inner shell or both. This damage might not be visible, therefore all helmets that suffered an impact must be destroyed and replaced by a new one"
Therefore according to the standards, if the rider already know she had an impact - she shall replace it - we shall not even expertise it if we respect the standards instruction.
Following different talks with the responsible authority, every helmet subjecting to an impact should not be send back to the GPA workshop. If your costumer tells you that he needs an expertise following a fall, the standard specifies that we should not receive those requests.
If we expertise an impact or a shock absorption, the helmet will not be taken back through our After-Sales Service Department for repaired.
It is highly recommended to the costumer to replace it like the standard notifies. If such an expertise is given, we can destroy the helmet, and if the costumer wishes to take it back he/she should provide us a letter of discharge.
Nevertheless, any helmet which requires a repair in case of non-shock would be examined and we will send you an estimated cost, and any helmet which has a manufacturing defect would need a repair will be taken under GPA guarantee.
Please note that as of now any helmet which would need to be sent back to the workshop should notify first the distributor, before dispatch, with the following information:
- Model
- Color 
- Serial number: write on the sticker inside the cap under the foam


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