Easyhorse was founded in 2012 by Patricia Bechaalany. Passionate about horses and specialised in distribution, she decided to create her own company to offer both riders and horses a range of products selected for their quality and originality.

Easyhorse was born with an innovative product in Switzerland. These were automatic hay and grain dispensers for horses. Then 1 year after starting, the GPA brand proposed to Patricia Bechaalany to take over the Swiss market and develop the distribution of GPA brand helmets and accessories. The quality of the helmets, the distribution strategy and the safety standards were in line with the company’s philosophy and Easyhorse became the exclusive Swiss distributor of GPA helmets.

Other well-known brands were proposed such as MY8, Acavallo but in a strategy of improvement, Easyhorse decided to refocus its activities in 2019 mainly on GPA and a new brand “Wil.life”.

GPA never stops innovating and being at the cutting edge of technology and it is truly an honour and a pleasure to be able to offer such products made in France under exceptional conditions. At the cutting edge of technology, safety and comfort, we are able to offer you real treasures.

These helmets bring much more than safety and comfort, they bring elegance and personality combined with excellence. “Wearing a helmet is compulsory”, but with GPA it has become a pleasure and above all an insurance .

The other product range now distributed by Easyhorse is the Wil.life product range. These are products made from innovative textiles that contribute to pain management. The products have been adapted for horses, dogs and humans. It is an adventure that has only just begun in this field, and one that promises an exciting future.

Easyhorse has also distinguished itself by its service. Every customer is important. No matter what you buy, our first rule is to satisfy you. We make it a point of honour to ensure that our customers are delivered on time and in the best possible condition. Is there a problem with the post office, with the delivery? We take our responsibilities. Easyhorse is above all a human relationship, a relationship of trust.

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