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  • Memory Pad Hexa-Free Acavalo

    CHF90.00 CHF175.00

    Acavallo Memory Pad Hexa-free

    • high-quality saddle pad with special foam and exclusive soft-gel material
    • unique design: ergonomic shape with withers cut-out provides as much withers clearance as possible
    • innovative structure within the gel layer with octagonal, alveolar arranged cells for great stability and maximum flexibility to support the horse’s freedom of movement in a harmonic way
  • close contact Pad memory foam half w/sheepskin

    CHF97.00 CHF195.00

    Acavallo's "Close Contact Memory Foam Half Pad with Sheepskin" combines the therapeutic and cushioning benefits of gel with the exclusive properties of memory. It absorbs shocks, eliminates friction and improves the stability of the saddle.

  • Acavallo Gel & Memory Foam half pad

    CHF90.00 CHF195.00

    The Acavallo® Gel and Memory Foam Half Pad delivers the benefits of both therapeutic gel and memory foam. This half pad absorbs shock, stabilizes the saddle, relieves pressure, distributes weight and pressure and eliminates rubbing and friction. It can be placed directly against the horse

  • Acavallo Close Contact Spine free Gel & memory Foam Half Pad

    CHF99.00 CHF175.00
    Specifically designed to fit your horse’s conformation and featuring a unique two piece construction, eliminating spinal pressure and improving the saddle fit . As the withers and spine are kept free from pressure, it also allows greater freedom of movement in the shoulders.

  • Twin sided Gel Pads

    CHF75.00 CHF150.00

    This double sided gel pad delivers the benefit of Acavallo’s unique shock absorbing therapeutic gel to both the horse and saddle at the same time. Non-slip gel means this pad wont move on the horse’s back, in any
    direction, and the saddle once positioned won’t move on the pad. No need for breast plates, tight girthing and awkward velcro tabs. The low profile of this gel ensures no excessive bulk between horse and saddle to distort the fit, and combined with a luxurious non-crease brush cotton fabric make this a stunning square whatever discipline you do.

  • Anatomic Front neoprene/Gel underbandages

    CHF15.00 CHF27.00

    Very practical. Optimal protection. Black

  • Gel Leg Bandages

    CHF36.00 CHF68.00

    Provide support and shock absorption to tendons and joints without the risk of slipping. Can also be chilled before applying to give cold therapy. Ideal for reducing swellings, like wind galls and will not mark legs. 
    Available in 
    Fleece bandage (exercise & stable)
    Elasticated bandage (exercise)

  • Gel Underbandages

    CHF24.00 CHF55.00

    Acavallo Gel Leg Bandages are easy to handle, safe and wrinkle free. They provide support and shock absorption to and joints. In addition, the special adhesive effect of their gel material prevents the bandages from slipping..These bandages are unique also insofar as they consist of a gel and a textile section which are seamless bonded together for a maximum of comfort and impact protection which could not be achieved by conventional bandages. 

  • Acavallo Gel & Elastic Bandage

    CHF29.00 CHF68.00

    The Acavallo Gel and Elastic Bandage is a revolutionary new bandage that incorporates the many benefits of gel : non-toxic, anti-slip, light weight. The Gel and Elastic Bandage from Acavallo “fits like a glove”. It is easy, safe and wrinkle free. Maximum protection for new and old injuries. For use on both front and back legs. The Gel is bonded to the bandage for seam-free comfort. An important bandage for all disciplines: dressage, show jumping, eventing, endurance, trecking, western and even racing.

    These Gel and Elastic Bandages are easy care. Machine Washable.

    Each package contains a set of 2 bandages.

    -Full length of bandage 342 cm
    -Width of bandage 13 cm
    -Width of gel 13 cm
    -Length of bandage only 254 cm
    -Length of gel only 88 cm

  • Acavallo Gel Trail wrap

    CHF22.00 CHF41.00

    The Acavallo Gel Tail bandage is a cross between a tail bandage and a tail guard.

    The geil absobs any pressure from the horse sitting on rubbing its tail and also the sticky gel ensures the tail bandage does not slip and keeps the tail in perfect condition whilst travelling.

    The Acavallo gel tail bandage comes in black and has a velcro strap.

  • Gel Seat Saver shock absorbing

    CHF52.00 CHF92.00

    These products are designed to ensure a maximum of security and comfort for the rider. Their unique breathable gel design and material composition sup- ports the rider’s upper body stabilising the seat bones and significantly reducing concussion in the lower back. Discrete and easy to fit to any saddle, these Gel Seat Savers will help the rider to feel more comfortable whilst jumping & hacking or doing flatwork, and help him/her to achieve a deep and stable seat.