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easyhorse S.A.

  • Route de la Roserette 11,
    1063 Peyres-Possens VD

    +41 (0)79 658 38 39

MY8 Bridles and various


  • MY8 bridle Filsquall

    CHF250.00 CHF630.00
  • Chabraque MY8

    CHF70.00 CHF160.00

    MY8 Schabracke...made by Anna Scarpati

  • Officinalis Lolly Roll stable toy

    CHF19.00 CHF35.00

    Flower shaped salt lick holder, especially designed for OFFICINALIS “Lollyroll” blocks . When hung with 2 ropes, it turns into stress-reducing fun for the horse. In that case, always pay attention to installation so that the horse cannot get injured while playing. May also be affixed to the walls of the stall. Easy to assemble and clean. Each flower is delivered with 2 ropes and 1 roll shaped salt block.

  • Natural salty and sweet roll for the stall

    CHF9.00 CHF17.00

    Pack of 2

    The Officinalis Flower with Lolly Roll Lollyroll is a salty and sweet roll based on all-natural fruits, herbs and unrefined sea salt from the crystilline waters of Southern Italy. Referred to as ''white gold'', these pure salt crystals contain macro and micro elements - sodium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, iron, copper, and manganese - which satisfy the sport horse, with different formulations to cater to different needs. They come installed on fun, colorful, and durable flower-shaped stall toys.

  • Huiles à sabot Butterfly

    CHF19.00 CHF35.00

    An all-natural line of botanical hoof grease that stays soft in cold temperatures. 

    Helicrysum & Lemon- for the fragile, brittle hoof 
    Intensive grease that strengthens the stratum corneum with microspheres of L-Cysteine, Shea Butter, and Beeswax. Fast absorbing, it moisturizes the hoof, coronet, heels, and frog while the extract of Lemon discourages bacteria.* 

    Rosemary- for the unhealthy hoof 
    Deep penetrating cream rich in antiseptic oils to maintain a healthy hoof. Contains Copper Sulphate, Neem Oil and Tea Tree Oil that combat hoof problems brought on by humid climate, muddy pastures, or wet bedding.* 

    Made in Italy.